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Welcome to our NEW website!

You will find many new products and kits however it is not done yet. For all you Sportster, VRod and Car owners please call or email us directly for kits for your bike or car as we are still adding these sections. We have a complete selection of kits for all Sportsters and VRods through 2010 models as well as a complete offering for cars of all makes and models. Many specialty fasteners exclusively manufactured by us are available for your VRod or Sportster. Some examples are our polished stainless front brake rotor bolts for VRods. They are 20% stronger than Grade 8 and feature a extra deep allen key hole so they will not "round out". Another special part exclusive to Diamond Engineering is our Lifter Block anti-rotation screws for Sportsters. They are available in both 12 point and socket caps. Manufactured from 630 stainless steel they are rated at 190,000psi tensile. Just one more example of the selection and quality you will find only with Diamond Engineering polished stainless steel fasteners.

Diamond Engineering offers over 1,000 kits for your Harley. Individual kits are available for most every application as well as three large kits. Drivetrain kits are our largest and most complete kit. Engineered for complete engine rebuilds, installing Big Bore kits or when you want to replace every fastener in your drivetrain this is the kit. Custom Transformation kits are designed for when you want to replace all of the fasteners on your bike front to rear with polished stainless without having to disassemble it. Engine kits will replace all your engine cover bolts with polished stainless. Whether you start with an Engine kit, Custom Transformation kit or Drivetrain kit you will add custom detail and sparkle to your bike that will last a lifetime.

Please bookmark our site and check back soon. Thank you from everyone at Diamond Engineering.




Featured Items

New from Diamond Engineering is our Groove line of bolts. We offer a complete line of kits and individual bolts in the Groove. Specialty fasteners are available as well for every application such as matching head bolts, caliper bolts, spacers and more so you can customize your ride front to back with matching fasteners.

12 Point Bolting System

We are proud to announce our new 12 point Bolting System for 1/2” and larger bolts. This system is engineered to give you a clean and custom look for all your suspension fasteners. We have started by manufacturing a 1/2” bolt with a .750” diameter flange. This flange diameter allows you to use the bolt as is or, with out bolting system component washers. We have then CNC machined flange washers in three diameters (1”, 1 1/8” and 1 1/4") that have a .752” counterbore to accept the bolt. When installed the bolt and washer flanges meet exactly to give you a super clean and custom look as if they were one piece. For the nut side we have CNC machined matching flange washers and flangeless 12 point nuts. Once installed they look like a one piece precision machined flange nut matching the bolt side. Super Clean. Super Custom!


Material choice was Ugima 630 stainless steel. The bolts and washers are rated at 170,000psi tensile. This gives you a bolt that is strong but still has excellent ductility for use in suspension and other critical applications. The nuts while being made from the same material have been heat treated to 190,000psi tensile. This is to give you an extra strong bolting joint as well as to help prevent galling.


The range of sizes currently available is 1/2" coarse thread from 1” thru 4” in quarter inch increments and 1/2" fine thread from 1” thru 3 1/2" in quarter inch increments. Longer lengths will be available soon. We will be manufacturing all longer lengths in quarter inch length increments so that you can achieve that clean and custom look that our system provides.